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Jul 13, 2016

Financial Management Support

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3.5.12 F-16 SPO (HAFB) - FMS Financial Management (FM) Support The Contractor shall possess at least five years financial or budgetary experience. The Contractor shall provide financial analysis support in the execution of F-16 FMS funds. The Contractor shall provide support to prepare funding documents, maintain tracking and reconciliation system records, reconcile accounting data, develop accounting status reports, and prepare for program reviews. The Contractor shall assist in the analysis of ULOs/NULOs for F16 FMS Programs. The duties shall support case closure and contract closure activities where required. The Contractor shall provide support to attend SAMRs and any other financial reviews as necessary. The Contractor shall assist in the management of financial reconciliation of contracting, finance and payment office inputs. These inputs often are in different formats and may not reflect timely and accurate information. Financial reconciliation is not just required for funding status, but is a prerequisite for FMS case closure, which can only be accomplished when expenditures equal obligations for all types of funding from all countries. The Contractor shall provide support by electronically monitoring and maintaining a listing of all contracts by modification to track status of deliverable and funding for those deliverables. The Contractor shall provide assistance to verify the accuracy of the data inputs into the various financial and payment systems. The Contractor shall assist to ascertain if deliverables were properly paid and identify improper payments and their root causes through electronically matching the funding of deliverables to the payments for those deliverables to identify discrepancies. The Contractor shall assist in reporting and making recommendations for correction of any discrepancies. The Contractor shall be familiar with and utilize CRIS, AIMS, ABSS, CCaRS and Standard Contract Reconciliation Tool (SCRT), which are tools required to support analysis of the MOCAS, BQ, CMCS, and DIFS databases leading to reconciliation of obligations versus expenditures. Contractor shall provide support to research and develop funds reconciliation based upon data obtained from Government database systems and additional sources of information, including local Government finance offices, Program Offices, and Contractor offices.

Requires bachelor degree in accounting or finance and DoD Secret clearance.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $50,000.00 /year

Job Location:

  • Layton, UT

Required education:

  • Bachelor's

Required experience:

  • Accounting and Finance: 5 years

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